Solar PV Installations Offered by RW Bell

Solar PV uses semi-conducting material to generate electricity

What is Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV as its often shortened too, involves using panels made up of semi-conducting material which, when exposed to UV light create an electric field which then generates electricity. The stronger the sun shines the more electricity is produced. Solar panels will still generate electricity even on a dull day.

What are the Benefits of Solar PV

  •  Pays for itself in 8 to 10 years
  •  Generates a return over 25 years twice the rate of the average ISA
  •  Reduces impact of volatile energy costs
  •  Reduces your carbon footprint
  •  Increases the value of your property
  •  Earns money from generating, exporting and saving electricity
  •  Domestic and commercial opportunities

What are the costs of Solar PV

The average 4kW Solar PV installation costs approximately £6000 - £9000 as a rough guide. Costs will however vary depending on the size of an installation and can also vary depending on whether the panels are mounted on a roof on in consoles on the ground.


Solar PV requires little maintenance, ensure that solar panels are kept relatively clean and are not too shaded by any nearby trees. Rain and wind will do much of the cleaning for you. Solar panels have a good lifetime approximately 25 years or even longer.

Generate your own electricity and make an investment in Solar PV today. Quality Service Delivered By Experienced Fully Qualified Tradesmen.

RW Bell have been Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved since 2011.


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Q How do I get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

We can either suggest the right people for you to get in touch with to carry out an EPC at your home, alternatively we can organise this on your behalf.

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