Timber decking offered by RW Bell Building Services

Low maintenance options for your outdoor living space

There can be many advantages to installing timber decking in your garden or outside space. We offer a full design and installation service to suit your budget, designed specifically for the space you wish to use. Advantages of timber decking:

  • Timber decking provides a rustic and natural feel in keeping with your garden
  • Increase your living space by extending into the garden using timber decking
  • Add value onto your property with custom built decking
  • A more economical option than landscaping large areas
  • Timber decking is strong and durable, with little maintenance required
  • Ideal for awkward spaces
  • Terraces can add dimensions to a flat garden or alternatively can alter a sloping garden to become more functionable
  • An attractive addition to any home
  • Ideal for children, entertaining and relaxing in your garden
  • Use decking to hide unsightly drainange

Whatever your decking requirements are our joiners are capable of preparing a unique design, tailored to work for you and the space available.

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Your questions answered
Q I have a broken window / smashed glass can you fix this?
We can board up broken windows and also supply and fit replacement glass to ensure your property is kept secure.
Q I suspect there may be asbestos, what should I do?

If you suspect there may be asbestos present, it is strongly suggested that you have a suitably trained person carry out a survey especially if you are planning any work to be done in your property such as wiring or installing pipework. Depending on the severity of the asbestos will depend on what action is required. If it is damaged it will most probably have to be removed. If it is in good condition it can be made safe and either sealed or enclosed to prevent any further damage. This work should be carried out by a licensed contractor. Areas of asbestos should be clearly labelled within a building and any workers, contractors that you have are made aware of its presence. If you do not label asbestos you must still inform anyone who is carrying out maintenance work about asbestos being present prior to their start of work so that they can take the necessary precautions.

Q Do you offer 'Supply & Fit' services?

Yes, we offer a range of services. We can supply and install for you, we are also able to fit out your own client supplied furniture/kitchens etc. Alternatively we are happy to work with you to design bespoke items tailored to your requirements and needs.

Q Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, in the unlikely event that our work or workmanship has been found to be defective or not to your satisfaction we will rectify this free of charge.

Q Do you have sample designs I can choose from?

We feature examples of previous work on our website but we have access to a range of catalogues you can also look through to decide the right design for yourself. We can also work off your own drawings/photos/pictures or we can come up with something original for you.

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