Satellite broadband installation by RW Bell

Faster broadband speed with no phone line or geographical restrictions

Satellite broadband is different to your typical broadband. It is received through a satellite dish. If you suffer from a slow internet connection or have limited connectivity due to living in rural areas or somewhere far away from the exchange, then satellite broadband could be the solution to your internet needs.

  •  Faster broadband speed
  •  No requirement for a telephone line
  •  No geographical restrictions
  •  Fast delivery anywhere

Internet has become a vital part of our daily lives and we understand the need for high speed internet wherever you may be. Don’t let your location slow you down.

Due to satellite broadband not being delivered through a phone line there can be latency issues which most commonly affect the performance of video calling and online gaming.

We can offer an independant installation, the benefit of this is our ability to provide more discreet installations however all service providers offer a standard installation package at time of purchase.

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