Pitlochry 10k race event staff team from RW Bell Building Services

After training sessions at Pitlochry and the Hermitage the day dawned

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
Pitlochry 10k

6 enthusiastic members of staff (sparkies – Dennis, Dan, plumber – Alan B, av engineer – Andrew C, joiner - Dave and office staff - Kate) entered into the Pitlochry 10k.
The dream team met on several occasions (some attended more frequently than others) for some much needed “training” sessions, mainly around Pitlochry or running on mixed terrain in the Hermitage.
After several training sessions around Pitlochry and the Hermitage the big day finally dawned. All made it around the 6.5mile route in excellent times with the most senior member of staff to take part Dennis putting all the youngsters to shame! The Boss promises to take part next year… watch this space.

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